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[DM/HP] [HPcos视频]德哈甜向剧情向有KISS

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The second Date[Eng sub]:https://youtu.be/-pDmGZwTh5U
Detention w Dumbledore :A person I fancy[Eng sub]:https://youtu.be/a1637_0nWeY
Harry Potter and the confusing crushes:https://youtu.be/BpnAOMcyBo8

这种Drarry的cosplay视频在油管上还蛮多。这些来自我看过的几种中觉得从扮相到气质到剧情比较好的。它们来自油管的订阅频道TheMischiefManagers,它有一个合辑叫Detention wtih Dumbledore,是从16年开始的一个德哈cosplay系列,大概每一个视频中,Harry都要完成邓布利多的一个简单的小任务,和好友或和Draco一起。


The second Date[Eng sub]:Draco不愿跟Harry一起去霍格莫德,最后约会成功了吗?
七分钟,发布于17年7月,虽然是Detention w Dumbledore系列的衍生,也可以单独来看。对白少,比较好懂。

Detention w Dumbledore :A person I fancy[Eng sub]:Harry有一位秘密心上人,他要怎样告诉Ron?(这里罗恩并不混蛋)

Harry Potter and the confusing crushes:Harry有点小混乱,经过Malfoy的提醒,他对自己的恋爱经历有了更多认识。里面有很多原著梗。

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The second Date[Eng sub]

Detention w Dumbledore :A person I fancy[Eng sub]
大意:邓布利多这次的任务是让Harry说出自己fancy(喜欢)的人,Harry让Ron猜。Ron猜了Hermione,Luna,Ginny,Harry说不是女孩,是男孩。Ron说:Me?Harry表示不是,Ron又猜了一个,Harry喷笑,扭捏地告诉他是Malfoy。Ron有点惊讶,说你喜欢Malfoy,Draco Malfoy?Harry说是,当然不是Lucius Malfoy?Ron又向他确认,不是开玩笑吗?Ron说“Malfoy is a big deal.”Harry建议Ron可以和Malfoy增进了解。

Harry Potter and the confusing crushes:这个视频较长,且对话较多,所以大意后面放了我听写的英文对话,不确定的单词后加(?),没听出来的用#代替。第一次做听写,果然好累哦。Draco设定是当上了霍格沃茨魔药学教授。Harry和他在办公室见面,像朋友一样开始聊天。

Harry:You konw,the last time when I was here,in this office,having a drink,wrong(?) a potion and almost died.
D:Well,I don't keep a lot of potion in my office.
H:I hope not.You do keep a lot more herbs than I expected though.
D:You do know that we use herbs in potions.
H:Yeah,yeah,of course I know that.
D:It wasn't your strongest subject.
H:No,you are right. Must feel weird be to back to Hogwarts,right?Thinks of a lot of old memories.
D:Yeah,but I turn to think of the good ones.
H:You get a lot of those?I mean it wasn't like you have the most normal time at school.
D:We did check off a lot of things on the list.
H:What?Like cheating on exams and going on awkward dates?
D:Well then you tried everything?
H:What do you mean?I have lots of girlfriends.
D:Disastrous ones.
H:You are calling me bad on romance,Malfoy?
D:You are not expected quick on a uptake?
H:What do you mean by that?
D (leaving):This is being fun.But I'm going to go back grading papers.
H (leaving):Yeah,I've got # to grade too, so…
H (alone):Stupid Malfoy,what does he konw about dates,anyway?
H (monologue):I went to madam Poppy Pomfrey(?) when Cho was over 15.It wasn't my falut # so freely and # .And we also kissed,even though she started crying.Besides,it wasn't my falut Cho didn't like someone.And who can compete wtih Cedric Diggory?With a stupid hair and anoying smile?Well,I guess Cedric isn't too bad,he did help me with the second # sector.
C:How…how are you?
C:Look,I relized I never thank you properly for taking # about dragons before.
H:Forget about it,you would have done the same thing for me.
C:Exactly.You know the perfect's bathroom at fifth floor?It's all about##.
Harry (monologue):Wait a moment,now as I think about it,that's kinda suggestive,isn't it?
Memories again.
Harry (monologue):I wonder why I didn't see that before?Well,anyway,Cedric wasn't the golden boyfriend half pulf(?). # and the Quidditch captain and the real winner of  the Triwizard Tournament,who wouldn't like him?With his perfect hair and charming smile…Wait,what?No,I liked Cho,that's it.Cho,Cho,not Cedric.I just, I just screw it up by quoting(?) Luna befor we kissed.Well,I guess I cannot blame Luna really,she was just trying to help in her own Luna way.I guess that's part of her charm.She has her own way of doing stuff.People are just very quick to judge.Luna really is the sweetest.And she always believed in me,even before we became friends.I wish all people knew her as I do.Kids can  be so mean.
Memories again—
H:How come you are not at the feast?
L:I lost all my possesions.I # people can hidding them.
H:That's awful.
L:Oh,it's of good fun.But,this is the last time I really do need them back.
H:Do you want to I help finding them?
L:I'm sorry you lost your girfriend,Harry.
H:Are you sure you don't want help?want help#?
L:It's fine.Besides,my mom always said the things we lost have a way of coming back to us at the end.
Harry (monologue):I guess I have a thing for Ravenclaws.We would fit much better than me and Cho.Luna never made me feel bad when we were alone.I mean,she even support me when I had a crush on Ginny,even though she has feelings for her herself.Maybe she didn't know it at the time.Certainly took me a while,to figure it out.I guess no one plans on falling for your best friend's sister.But come on!It's,It's Ginny!How can you not fall for someone like her!Kind,brave,on the Quidditch team.She's never been to #a# of me ,not 12 and 11,not a crush on me,not when I isolate myself in fifth year.
Memories again—
Harry:You've been talking about me,haven't you?You will get used to it,
Ginny:We want to talk to you,Harry!But you've been hiding when everything got bad!
H:I didn't want anyone to talk to me!
G:A little stupid,don't you?Since you don't know anyone but me prossed by you know who,I can tell you how it feels!
H:I forgot.
G:Lucky you!
Harry (monologue):I really need # together.Can't believe I forgot what happened to her!I'm always like an idot when I'm with her.
Ginny:##you.Don't you trust me?Your mistake!
Harry (monologue):Well,it's not always my fault!Malfoy doesn't know what he is talking about.Sometimes things are meant to be.know Ginny is always there for me though,always ready to step up.Like,when I wasn't allowed to play the final game in our sixth year,she sure showed Malfoy then.Malfoy should always have a clever her mark when he results together.Just like,he always ticks me about Cedric,making Potter stinks buttons ,going all and all about how Luna is.Wait a moment,all those years,no matter who I liked,always at each other's throat.That's nicky(?) little…
Draco:What do you want now,Potter?
D:Took you # enough.
Harry:Well,I'm a little slow on uptake.
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沙发给你(。>∀<。) 他们两人不管是校园青涩的恋情还是战后成熟的一对小心翼翼的在一起都特别美好啊  发表于 2017-8-15 11:01
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哦,这真是太美好了,让我仍不住要高歌一区,哦 ·哦·哦哦·哦【这不是娇喘,这不是娇喘】


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为什么点不开呢 ,好想看啊。
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